Saving the world one child at a time through music.

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The mission of the Neo Jazz School of Music is to enact a positive change in the youth of our community through an education in music and the arts also to provide cultural education, training and development to our community.

Founded in 2004, Neo Jazz School of Music began providing education and training in the music and arts to a small group of children in Birmingham, AL.  The school was designed to provide programs and services to students in low-income areas, communities without access to arts education, also to provide solutions to the decrease of arts programs in public schools.

Neo Jazz School successfully provided a platform for gifted young musicians and artist to express their talents in a positive environment by creating artist showcases, tribute concert series, jam sessions, workshops and master classes.  These events were made possible by activating partnerships and collaborations with other grassroots organizations of various backgrounds but similar missions.  The development of these relationships enabled the Neo Jazz School to become a cultural hub that facilitated broad scope of community programming.

The school relocated to New Orleans, LA in February 2012 and merged as a subsidiary of Builders of the Highway Foundation with the distinct purpose of expanding capacity beyond music and arts education and truly fulfilling the role of a “community cultural hub.” We have once again expanded our network by forging relationships with community partners such as True Love Movement, Backyard Garden Network, and many others.  

The school currently provides private music lessons, ensemble training, music and jazz theory, cultural history classes, Early Educational Math & Science Music Program, meetings and rehearsal space, Ethics trainings, goal setting seminars, and True Love Movement’s Self-Esteem Saturday School. 

Neo Jazz School of Music continues to expand its reaches by the establishment of meaningful collaborations and partnerships to achieve its mission and goal to enact a positive change in our community.